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Moletov Coctails for two

Cocktails for Two, Me and Jane in a Plane, (We're all) Pleasant Pluckers, Winchester Cathedral, Chloe, Somebody Stole my Gal, Kitchen Man, The old Bazzar in Cairo, It aint no sin, Blue Monday, You always hurt the one you love, The Tap Dance Man, 5000 year old Rock, Your'e so serious about me, Remember Remember, Spread a little Happiness, That Certain Party, Crying for the Carolines, My Sweetie went away, My baby's wild about my old trombone.

Happy days are here again

Happy days are here again, Our Professor makes the noises for the talkies, Bye Bye Baby, The Shriek of Agony (The sheik of Araby), Making Whoopee, Crazy Words - Crazy Tune, Down on Jollity Farm, Country and Western Music, Home in Pasedena, Doctored Jazz, The Overture to Carmen, Rileys Cowshed, Your'e driving me crazy, Bye Bye Blackbird, Tiger Rag.


The Christmas Show, London 1991

Recorded live at the Half Moon, Putney, London. 1 hour of Musical Mayhem

Bob and the Boys in Russia 1994

Part Music part documentary of life on the road on our first Russian tour. 1 hour

A unique experience - Circa 1970

From the archives we bring you the first ever Whoopee movie (limited edition). 40 mins. Made by Bob Godfrey & Alan More in London.


CD's 9.99 each. Cassettes 6.99 each. Video's 9.99 each

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