The band

Bob Kerr
Malcolm Sked
Bert Lamb
Henri Harrison


When is a BAND not a BAND....... answer:when it`s a show!

Bob Kerr and his Whoopee Band combine their musical skills and great sense of humor to create a SHOW of unashamed nostalgia. They are indeed

The craziest band in the world

From start to finish an evening with the kings of musical. Comedy will have you laughing in uncontrollable hysterics. 5 very eccentric English Gentlemen playing between them some 20 conventional instruments and some not so conventional.

Their show is a complete mixture of styles from the late great Spike Jones and his City Slickers & the Firehouse Five right through the whole musical spectrum from the 20's to the 90's, with parodies of Roy Orbison, The Blues Brothers to name but a few and with a little bit of "Classical Music" thrown in for good measure it all adds up to an evening of pure honest


The whole show was described by a leading European newspaper as a modern day cross between Spike Jones, The Marx Brothers and Monty Python.



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